Share The Fantasy Sub Pop 1997 CD
Skyward In Triumph Sub Pop 1996 CD/Vinyl
Elephantitus of the Night Kill Rock Stars 1994 CD/Vinyl
Thee Scientific Supercake LP Kill Rock Stars 1994 CD/Vinyl
Booby Trap Sub Pop 1996 7" Vinyl
Thee Friendship Village EP Kill Rock Stars 1993 7" Vinyl
Plus some compliations for various labels...
godheadSilo Trick Team

Chef Menteur

III Sunrise Ocean Bender 2015 3 CD boxset
Force Majeure Backporch Revolution 2014 Digital/Cassette
North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday Backporch Revolution 2012 Digital
East of the Sun & West of the Moon Backporch Revolution 2012 2xLP
The Answer's In Forgetting Backporch Revolution 2007 CD
Currently working on new recordings, cuz we're prolific like that...
Chef Menteur


dewclaw Backporch Revolution 2020 Digital
This Mountain Remains Backporch Revolution 2018 Digital
Special Feelings Backporch Revolution 2007 Digital
FOURTWOQ EP Backporch Revolution 2007 Digital
The Owl Ring and the Smiling Bag Backporch Revolution 2006 Digital
Hjemkomst EP Backporch Revolution 2006 Digital
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Time Promises Power

Tomorrow Grieves Today massmvmnt/Backporch Revolution 2006 CD/Digital
Now the Gentle Bull Backporch Revolution 2005 CD/Digital
This'll happen again, someday...
Time Promises Power


Bright Birds Feed Right Backporch Revolution 2013 Digital
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Secret Knock

There's no official release yet, but here's a live recording from our latest show @ the Portside Lounge (jan 29, 2022), New Orleans, if that's something you may fancy...

Secret Knock