Death Wraith 2000
This a stop motion animation I made several years ago for the New Orleans Maker Faire. In a way I guess it could also be music video for Chef Menteur... The sets and props were made using just cardboard and construction paper. The goal was to inspire kids to do the same since those materials are often easily available.

Where the Girls Are

Riot on the Sunset Strip!

Ponderosa Stomp
I made a few of these li'l "mini-docs" to promote the Ponderosa Stomp concert series. These were a lot of fun to create, but it wasn't without its challenges. Sometimes the available assets were extremely difficult to find given the obscurity of some of the artists.
For these I did the graphic design and layout, editing and motion graphics, voice-overs, and script writing.

Wandering Rocks
Another stop motion animation I made as a personal project to dig deeper into stop motion. "At Cycle YaYa, even hams like our bikes!"


Chef Menteur: “Il obstrue ma vue de Vénus
Music video I shot, directed, and edited to promote Chef Menteur's double LP, East of the Sun & West of the Moon

Have a Nice Day
On a sunny Saturday years ago, band practice got cancelled. I grabbed an apple and called my pal, Brian, to see if he wanted to do some filming in old Gretna. Sure!  What a trooper. This was completely not scripted or conceptualized, we just kinda made it up on the spot. Good times... Music by Polymos.

Just Outside of North Dakota
This was my first stop motion animation, which kinda got me hooked.

The Four Winds
This was our team's submission to the 48 Hour Film Project. If you're not familiar with the project, you (and your team) are given 48 hours to complete a short film from start to finish... script writing, filming, editing, and everything. Friday evening you're given a random genre (comedy, sci-fi, etc), a character name that must be used, and a prop that needs to be included--In this case it was a cake--and the final film is submitted Sunday evening. Not a lot of sleep.
Mistakes were made, of course, but that's okay cuz you got to have a rad time with your buddies.

Chef Menteur: "The Forest"
This is another video I did for Chef Menteur. Using a macro tilt-shift lens, I filmed food dyes and various inks in water and vegeatble oil, kinda like they used to do for old-timey sci-fi movies or psychadelic backdrops.

Corey J Brewer, For Autumn
Video I did for "Would Autumn" by Corey J Brewer. All footage was shot when Corey went along with us on godheadSilo's Jan 2017 tour across the northern states of the USA.